Megan Clarke

2014 Finalist

Megan Clarke (20) is an extremely versatile percussionist originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin who is currently going to UW Oshkosh for a Bachelor’s of Music in percussion performance and a Bachelor’s of Music in Music Business and Recording Technology. She began her music career by starting piano lessons at the age of six and began to study percussion at the age of 11.

When not performing with the UW Oshkosh Percussion Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Wind Ensemble, and Symphony Orchestra, Clarke is writing songs, recording, and performing around the Fox Valley with her up-and-coming rock and roll band “Paul Robert and the Hall of Famers.” She is also a freelance musician who is heard on numerous blues, rock, pop, and classical recordings from local artists in the area. Her influences include Glenn Kotche, Mike Johnston, Cobus Potgieter, Elaine Bradley, and Luke Holland.

Throughout her studies in the percussive arts, Clarke has performed with big names such as Dennis Mackrel (Count Basie Orchestra), John S. Pratt, Scott ‘Scojo’ Johnson (Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps), and French horn player Richard Todd (known for work on The Incredibles, Star Trek, and Ratatouille) and is a member of the Percussive Arts Society and the International Association of Rudimental Drummers.

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  • Hello,
    I would rather hear her playing with a live band as the other percussion tracks get in the way and its hard to tell who is doing what. The conga track is out playing her. Hard to tell what her true style is. Sorry.

  • Megan, great job!  You obviously have some serious chops.

    Debi, this is the second critical comment I have seen you leave on one of the videos.  We are all proud of each other and happy to be part of such an awesome contest so please take the negativity elsewhere.

  • I for one thought Megan’s style showed very clearly in this video and I enjoyed it! Latin is a tough genre to play! Megan listened to the elements and complimented the song nicely, in my humble opinion. Keep it up.

  • You rock, chica!!

  • Sorry that I forgot to mention that she sounds GREAT!!!!

  • I like it!

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